Arena4 Gantry junctions & bases

  • Available in 11 configurations
  • Lightweight yet extremely strong aluminium construction
  • Quick and easy to assemble with bolt and wing nut fixings – no tools required
  • Natural silver grey finish.
  • Many accessories – tabletops, LCD brackets etc available. See Arena4 accessories
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Arena4 Gantry junctions & bases

Arena4 Gantry junctions & bases include a variety of junction options.  Most importantly, this gives extremely flexible design possibilities. Furthermore Arena4 is available in 11 configurations.  A third feature of Arena4 is a lightweight yet extremely strong aluminium construction. There are 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 way junction options. Last but not least, Arena4 has useful foot plates and hook plates.

Arena4 components are made from 25mm tube with a natural silver-grey finish. Consequently Arena4 has a sleek, tech look.

Arena4 is quick and easy to assemble with bolt and wing nut fixings. So you will not need any tools.  In addition, many accessories – tabletops, LCD brackets etc are available. See under Arena4 accessories for these.

Add parts to your shopping basket, one type at a time.

Easy, versatile, eye-catching tech looks

Arena4 gantry is a complete construction system. And it is modular, lightweight, tool-free.  Because it gives height and framing, you can use it to carry lights or graphics, or both.  Because it feels architectural, you can form open or enclosed spaces. So you get attention and add the allure of tech to your stand.

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Additional information

Gantry junctions

Load bearing up to 100kgs over 2m span.
Maximum unsupported span 6m
Outer dimensions of quad 200mm x 200mm approx.
25mm approx. tube diameter



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