Classic pop-up. E-Quick

  • Self-locating ‘smart’ magnetic locking arms and low profile mag bars
  • Option for graphics to be displayed on both sides (price on application)
  • Available in a range of sizes from 3 x 1 to 3 x 5
  • Graphic height 2225mm approx.
  • Smaller graphic size ‘Midi’ version available – height 1850mm
  • Pop-up stabilising feet recommended for straight frames
  • Choose height, curved or straight and frame size – 3 x 1, 3 x 2 etc.
  • Add lights,  a case and feet if needed
  • Counter top finish is only needed if you want a counter conversion kit
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The E-Quick is our most popular pop-up display stand. The E-Quick features a high quality “smart” magnetically-locking collapsible frame.  The magnetic bars that hold the graphics in place are instantly attached with built-in magnets and the system has adjustable clip-on graphic hanger fittings.

All this is covered by a 10 year extended warranty so, whether you put new graphics on your system or not, you can expect to get very good use from your system.

E-Quick pop-up displays are available in straight, curved or L-shaped formats.  It is also available in two height options, midi (1850mm tall) and regular (2225mm tall).

ARTWORK. Fresco’s extremely experienced studio team adapts to your requirements. If you have artwork for your display just drop it into the Upload area on our website and we will check it free of charge to make sure that it will print right and send you a pdf proof. We also supply artwork templates and give advice free of charge.

Or. if you have brand resources – logos, images etc – we will artwork them up for you, sending you pdfs until you are happy. This way you can re-use existing artwork.

If you need design from the ground up we are experts at designing for our products. Whichever way suits you, we can save you money and we are of course happy to quote.

Additional information

Evo Quick graphic Spec

Height 1 Quad 2 Quad 3 Quad 4 Quad 5 Quad
Reg 776mm 1495mm 2225mm 2968mm 3710mm
Midi 647mm 1245mm 1850mm 2455mm —
Widths Front Panel Rear Panel D-End
Reg 673mm 807mm 673mm
Midi 550mm 675mm 673mm
Widths Front Panel Rear Panel D-End
Reg 733mm 733mm 673mm
Midi 605mm 605mm 673mm

3×1 Curved 2225(h) x 1240(w) x 306(d) mm
3×2 Curved 2225(h) x 1930(w) x 485(d) mm
3×3 Curved 2225(h) x 2540(w) x 685(d) mm
3×4 Curved 2225(h) x 3070(w) x 960(d) mm

3×1 Straight 2225(h) x 1240(w) x 306(d) mm
3×2 Straight 2225(h) x 1970(w) x 306(d) mm
3×3 Straight 2225(h) x 2700(w) x 306(d) mm
3×4 Straight 2225(h) x 3435(w) x 306(d) mm


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