Arena4 Gantry straights

  • Available in 9 lengths from 250mm to 2000mm
  • Lightweight yet extremely strong aluminium construction
  • Quick and easy to assemble with bolt and wing nut fixings – no tools required
  • Natural silver grey finish.
  • Many accessories – tabletops, LCD brackets etc available. See Arena4 accessories
  • Add parts to your basket, one type at a time
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Arena4 straight sections.  The Arena4 gantry system is very versatile and allows for creative design  possibilities.  Use straights or curves to bring flexibility to exhibition stands. Gantry systems are both practical and eye-catching. Surprisingly light and compact when in pieces.

Arena4 can be used as exhibition gantry for a display, as a lighting rig or as an innovative addition to pole and panel systems. Lightweight aluminium construction.  Very quick and easy to assemble with bolt and wing nut fixings. No tools are required.

This gantry is load-bearing up to 100kgs approx.  Maximum unsupported span of 6m. Natural silver grey finish.

Additional information

Gantry straights

Load bearing up to 100kgs over 2m span.
Maximum unsupported span 6m
Outer dimensions of quad 200mm x 200mm approx.
25mm approx. tube diameter

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