Liquid chalk pens

  • Pack of 4 coloured liquid chalk pens.
  • Approx. 4mm tip.
  • Colours include Red, Green, White and Yellow.
  • Wipes clean with a dry cloth
  • Perfect for use with the Wooden A Chalk Board

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Liquid chalk pens for wooden A Board

Liquid chalk pens .  Pack of 4 coloured pens.  These pens have an approx. 4mm tip. Colours are Red, Green, White and Yellow.

Liquid chalk wipes clean with a dry cloth. Let your creative juices flow. Change your message regularly. Perfect for use with the Wooden A Board.

Make sure that your message gets to your potential customers.  Easily change your multi-coloured images. Let your creative juices flow and communicate with passing trade.

More and more companies are using pavement signs to attract passing trade. Our wooden A Boards for liquid chalk pens are robust. They can be left chained in more distant spots. They are not heavy or awkward. You can quite easily set them up and bring them in at the end of the day.

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