Powerspot 1000

  • Available in black and silver
  • 3m power lead with UK or Euro plug
  • 250mm straight arm with adjustable head
  • Lamp is protected by a glass barrier for safety
  • Use Universal light fitting kit for Formulate fabric displays and Arena4 gantry
    • 0 £
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Powerspot 1000 exhibition lights

150watt (class C 150 watt equivalent tube using “high efficiency technology” and rated at 120 watts).  Mains halogen exhibition lights for use with pop-up systems, linear systems and panel systems with the addition of the Universal Light Fitting Kit clamp

For shell schemes too

Powerspot “wall washer” floodlights are also suitable for mounting onto shell schemes with the Universal light fitting kit.  But be aware that they will intrude slightly onto a neighbour stand (not a problem with back walls)

Fabric display systems and gantry

These versatile floods are also suitable for use with Formulate fabric display systems and Arena4 gantry system (use Universal light fitting kit)


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