Powerspot 950

  • Floodlight not spotlight to give wider spread of light
  • Head adjusts from side-to-side and up-and-down
  • Fits to top of pop-up
  • Powerful 150watt lamp
  • Can take a substitute lamp for US voltage
  • Lamps easily replaced
  • Allow to cool before handling and packing
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Powerspot 950 floodlight

Powerspot 950 is a 150watt mains halogen floodlight.  It is made to be used with pop-up systems.  The head can be adjusted from side to side and up and down.  It will throw a wide pool of light.  This will illuminate your graphics much better than a spotlight.

Do not think of this light as a normal spotlight. It should probably be called Powerflood 950. To avoid confusion. But hey we don’t name them, the just sell them.

Using Powerspot 950 in the U.S.

A standard halogen tube lamp is used.  This can be replaced if damaged.  It can also be easily changed for a US voltage (110V) lamp if need be.  We also supply these lamps.  We can supply them ready fitted to Powerspot 950.

When changing lamps remember two things.  Let the old one cool if it has been on. Do not touch the new lamp with greasy fingers

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