Shelves for universal bracket

  • Available in three shapes:
    Circle, Triangle, Square
  • Colours available:
    Walnut, Black, Silver, Birch, White, Loire Oak
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Shelves – Formulate, Linear, Aero.  Fits universal shelf bracket

Shelves – Formulate, Linear, Aero.  These fit onto the shelf bracket give you extra surfaces for your Formulate, Linear and Aero stands. These useful shelves are ideal for presenting business cards or post cards. You might also use them for presenting small product samples.

The MDF shelves come in a choice of colours allowing you to match your existing colours and branding.

Shelves are available in three shapes: Circle, Triangle and Square

The colours that are available are : Walnut, Black, Silver, Birch, White and Loire Oak.

What these smart shelves can do for your stand.

Bring an extra touch of quality to your exhibition stand or display. Have you noticed how what you remember are the things you touch? Door handles, table tops, sweet trays and so on. These things are important. They say something about your company.

A smart shelf placed well can be a silent salesman for your message. You might engage a passer-by with a tempting offer, an interesting sample, a freebie of some sort.  For the price of a shelf and a bracket you might just make an important contact.

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