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Continuous graphics. A re-usable solution for all types of shell scheme.

Wonderful hook-&-loop fastening

VBanner comes with plenty of hook and loop tape and simple instructions (see video). Hook & loop fastenings let you adjust your VBanner to hang just right.

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How high?

Typically 1600mm deep for ease of handling, VBanner can also be supplied full height - 2300mm to fit below the ceiling grid and down to the floor.

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VBanner VBanner works with all types of shell schemes.  Old school plywood ones. Aluminium and plastic ones. Hook-&-Loop-accepting cloth ones. It is not as light or compact as our other shell scheme options and it will be easier for two people to fit than one but, if that's no problem, this system delivers maximum bangs for your bucks. A large photo-quality pvc print supplied on a roll.  Plenty of hook and loop tape to mount it with.  It's simple but very effective.   VBanner is supplied in two widths. The full height needed to cover a shell scheme is 2400mm. A roll of VBanner 2400mm long may be hard to get into some cars.  A width of 1600mm is wide enough to cover the part of a shell scheme where most people look. People at an exhibition are almost all standing. Graphics and text set low down gets scant attention. Furniture etc may also obscure it. 1600mm deep graphics is a cost-effective alternative.

Watch full video- 64 secs
Watch full video-  64 secs

Step by step setup guide

Step 1

Mate your hook-&-loop tape and cut into100mm - 150mm strips

Step 1

Step 2

Space these "pads" of hook-&-loop fastening out on the framework of your shell scheme

Step 2

Step 3

One person holds the roll of VBanner while the other sticks it in place at the top

Step 3

Step 4

Stick the lower pads to the VBanner

Step 4

Step 5

Adjust for tension peeling the hook-&-loop tape and re-mating

Step 5


Fresco provided a fast, efficient and very friendly service. Our banners looked great and certainly attracted more interest in our show stand. It was clear to see having done previous shows without, that bright vibrant banners draws more attention to the stand. I will definitely be using Fresco in the future.

George F Randolph Managing Director, PCS Technology VBanner customer
Managing Director, PCS Technology

Just wanted to say a quick thanks for all your help with the backdrop to my stand. It looked awesome and more importantly it didn’t fall down at any point. Despite the stand structure sitting quite proud the screen sat flush.

Richard Murgatroyd Founder, Murgatroyd Photography Vbanner Customer
Founder, Murgatroyd Photography

We were delighted with the banner! As I am sure you and your colleagues will recall we were nervous about the vast size of the image and whether or not it would be pixelated but I genuinely couldn't believe the quality of the print. It looked brilliant. It was really easy to put up and down even given the size.

Mhairi McRae Marketing and Communications Lead, iMorph VBanner customer
Marketing and Communications Lead, iMorph
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