Artwork support


This is where you find the information and advice you need to prepare and supply your artwork in the Adobe Creative Suite programs InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Please contact our studio with any questions regarding artwork or for a template. Send an email to or give us a call on 01422 246634.


Templates – Are available for any of our products, simply email and we will be happy to supply for your preferred design program. Even for custom sized products (Curvorama) we are happy to create templates to your exact needs.
Artwork Size – Artwork is set at 25% of the final printed size.
Bleed – Add 2.5mm bleed to the document settings.
Colour – Please work in CMYK colour mode. We are happy to work from Pantone® colours. Any colour matching needs to be identified (in your program’s swatches palette for example) and a Pantone® reference given. This will be matched as closely as possible in-house at the proofing stage. Printed proofs can also be provided at an additional cost.
Resolution – Images should be no less than 400dpi in resolution and placed at a maximum size of 100% inside the 25% size layout in your design application. For example an image sized 200mm x 300mm @400dpi will print adequately to a finished size 800mm x 1200mm.
Linked Files – Link images as TIF files with LZW compression. or JPG (max quality). Logos are best supplied as vector EPS files (Illustrator).


InDesign – From the ‘File’ menu ‘Package’ your InDesign project which will include Fonts and Links.
Illustrator – From the ‘File’ menu ‘Package’ your Illustrator project which will include Fonts and Links. (For earlier versions of Illustrator convert all fonts to outlines, embed all linking images, and save as an .AI ‘Illustrator’ file.)
Photoshop – Documents need to be a quarter size including bleed, rasterize all text layers and save as the Photoshop file an editable layered .PSD


Follow the “Upload” link at the top right hand side of your screen and you will be directed to which you can use to send us your artwork files. There is a text field for your to write a message explaining how the artwork is to be used.

Before uploading we recommend compressing your files in a single folder, saving as a .ZIP or a .RAR


Alternatively, Fresco are available to create fantastic artwork and bring your ideas to life.
For more information regarding art-working & design service, click here.

Thank you for reading.