Your Fresco contacts

Miles Harris

Miles Harris - Managing Director

Want to hear it from the man who dreamt up Curvorama and ShowSuit? If you have a question Miles is happy to talk. He likes questions.

“Questions are the Mothers of Invention”
Sarah A Fawcett

Sarah A Fawcett - Sales and Marketing Manager

Want to find the right display solution for you? Need a quick quote? Call, email or web chat with Sarah to get results and get on the road to exhibition success.

“It's simple really - good listeners, good products and lots of choice = successful customer exhibitions”
Jo Richmond

Jo Richmond - Office Manager

From management accounts to logistics, from HR to just plain old getting the phones answered, Jo keeps us on track. And guess what? She can do the same for you.

“Getting it right first time is so much easier in the long run”
Dom Tracey

Dom Tracey - Head of Studio

Got a technical query? Dom is the very helpful man who makes your print happen and fields questions about scheduling, artwork details etc.

“Let us give you the benefit of our experience and make your life (and ours) easier.”

Matthew - Designer/Artworker

Want some sharp eye-catching design? Talk to Matthew.
Need artwork or design advice? Matthew is your man.

“Nothing communicates on more levels than great design”
Chris Ellis

Chris Ellis - Production Manager

Nothing fazes Chris. He's been there, done that and probably several times. Chris is Mr Organised and he needs to be to get it all out of the door on time.

“The more time you give us the better we can look after you”
Claire Burley

Claire Burley - Marketing Assistant

Claire is Fresco's new Marketing Guru. From social media to aftercare emails, she will be looking at connecting with you.

“I want to to ensure our customers are supported at every point during the process”
Linda Brill

Linda Brill - Customer Services

With broad experience in retail, hospitality and arts administration, Linda is very much a people person. You will find her easy to talk to and hard to flummox.

“Your success is our success”