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Artwork and design to suit you

Artwork and design are of course different for each customer.  Fresco products are mostly tailor-made for our customers and often this means tailoring the process to the customer too.

We do it YOUR way

Most customers have artwork resources – logos, images, text and so on. Checking these (for resolution and quality) and assembling them in a template is all that a lot of customers need. This might involve re-drawing logos, sourcing new images, even re-writing text. Our team is experienced and expert in this sort of thing. We call it Artwork and charge a flat rate of just £30.00 an hour.

Artwork and design is teamwork too

In practice most people just need artwork, some need a combination of artwork and design, some need full-on, blue-sky concept design. Our graphic team, working at Fresco’s studio in Calderdale, has the talent and experience to produce the artwork you need for your exhibition within the timescale that is available. We listen, we discuss, we keep you in the loop.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Over 25 years experience tells us that graphic design at exhibitions is all about communication. It also tells us that successful customer relationships are all about communication. It’s what we do.

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