Inventing and how to do it. Part three

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Making an invention real and making it your own (see also Part One and Part Two) Invention might be a lightbulb moment but inventions often go though a series of stages like this; 1) ask a good question 2) get an idea 3) decide how that idea can work in practice 4) assess the market […]

5 Tips for trade show exhibitors

5 Top tips for trade show exhibitors

Whether you’re new to exhibiting at trade shows or you’re a seasoned professional it’s always helpful to gain some new tips. As a company that helps a lot of people exhibit to their best potential here are some things that we’ve picked up on over the years. And it’s not just about updating your shell […]

Digital Whizz – Our new team member

Digital whizz Claire, new staff member

Hello, I’m Claire and I’m Fresco’s new and first Marketing Assistant (Digital Whizz) A little about me… This is my first full time role, I am fresh out of higher education having just completed my Masters in Digital Marketing. Passing with Distinction. Which apparently makes me a digital whizz (I didn’t give myself that title). […]

Inventing and how to do it. Part two

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An inventor’s guide to inventing (see also Part One and Part Three) An inventor  is mainly just someone who sticks at it.  Thomas Edison, perhaps the greatest inventor that ever lived, famously said that inventing was “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”.  Part one of this series dealt with some simple ways to get ideas and pursue […]

Inventing and how to do it. Part one

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Where do ideas come from? Inventing is not a mystery but it does need perseverance. Maybe that is why inventors tend to enjoy inventing. They need to and they can become a bit obsessive. Over the last 30 years I have brought 6 products to market. All of them have been profitable and 4 of […]