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Stretched fabric wall panels

Fabric graphics - wall-mounted slim frame.

Fabric wall panels – so many advantages You may have not even realised it, but you will have seen more and more stretched fabric wall panels appearing everywhere.  One place that you are most likely to have seen them is in department stores, often back-lit. The quality of fabric print is so good now, both […]


PoleFlag flag clamp. Flag up your stand

PoleFlag flag clamp - flags and shell schemes

PoleFlag flag clamp gets you noticed A simple flag clamp could make all the difference to your exhibition.  How?  You booked a shell scheme. You decided on your message. You are getting your exhibition display graphics organised but… You know there are so many other shell scheme booths. You know you need to be found. You […]


MoonBase – the iPad holder with a winsome difference

iPad holder - MoonBase tablet holder

The iPad holder that’s hard to resist. An iPad holder can come in various guises   None are more unique than MoonBase. MoonBase is a versatile and secure unit,  suitable for housing Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablets.  It is ideal for point of sale, at home in the lounge or in office or event environments. Available […]


Inventing ShellScape shell scheme liner for Liverpool John Moores University

Shell scheme liner - ShellScape

A re-usable shell scheme liner for wooden stands A shell scheme liner is floor-to-ceiling graphics for a standard exhibition booth.  But not all standard exhibition booths are the same.  Some are old-school “flats” made of plywood and “nyloop” cloth. In January 2016 Liverpool John Moores University contacted us with a request. This was for a […]


Floor Graphics

Floor graphics

Here at Fresco we want to ensure your exhibition stand looks as stunning as possible, helping you to attract as many potential customers as possible and outshine the competition. We have a great selection of shell scheme graphics that can help you do this. But why stop at the walls? We are now delighted to […]


ShowSuit – a new display system

The idea for a new display system

Where the idea came from A whole new display system… born in China…  The Chinese have a special way with English. What can this possibly have been meant to say? It sounds like a recipe for a happy, if confused, old age… The idea for ShowSuit came to me while I was walking round a […]