ShellTac shell scheme graphics

  • Supplied cut to size for your shell scheme
  • Shell scheme framework remains visible
  • Microdot adhesive – smooth out air bubbles
  • Won’t rip or wrinkle, leaves no residue
  • Single use (unless attached with d/s tape)
  • Just enter number of panels in Qty:
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ShellTac shell scheme graphics

ShellTac shell scheme graphics is a clever, unique, cost-effective and very portable solution. It is made-to-measure floor-to-ceiling graphics. Easy to smooth-on and peel off cleanly.

Unique tiny dots of adhesive with air channels between them allow bubbles of trapped air to be simply smoothed away. It won’t rip or wrinkle and has good scratch and scuff resistance. Please note that the shell scheme’s aluminium framework remains visible.

Portable shell scheme liner

This system looks indistinguishable from printed rigid panels, is less expensive, and is far easier to transport.  To get rigid boards to the exhibition venue you will need a van.  But, at a pinch, you could take your rolled-up graphics there on a bike!

ShellTac comes pre-cut to the exact size of your shell scheme panels. The uprights of your shell scheme remain visible. After the show panels peel off cleanly leaving no residue. ShellTac can also be used to cover doors, cupboards etc.  This means that it is often used in conjunction with our other products especially with Curvorama.

Although ShellTac can be removed cleanly and without damage to itself, it is difficult to re-apply the backing paper.  This is why we say it is a single-use system.  However some of our ShellTac customers do not remove the backing paper and re-use ShellTac using double-sided tape to fix it in place.

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Fresco’s extremely experienced studio team adapts to your requirements. If you have artwork for your display just drop it into the Upload area on our website and we will check it free of charge to make sure that it will print right and send you a pdf proof. We also supply artwork templates and give advice free of charge.

Or. if you have brand resources – logos, images etc – we will artwork them up for you, sending you pdfs until you are happy. This way you can re-use existing artwork.

If you need design from the ground up we are experts at designing for our products. Whichever way suits you, we can save you money and we are of course happy to quote.

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Usual panel size 950mm x 2340mm but is tailor-made to your specification, Ask your Exhibition Organisor for exact panel size.



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