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Clever, unique and very portable. Entry-level price.

Made-to-measure, floor-to-ceiling graphics. Easy smooth-on, clean peel-off.

Easy professional finish

Just peel off the backing paper, smoothing down as you go. Unique air channels get rid of bubbles. Strong, fire-retardant and dimensionally stable, ShellTac won't rip or wrinkle.

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Tough, non-slip ShowFloor has tiny clever adhesive dots like ShellTac. Seamlessly cover your entire floor or make any shape you like with ShowFloor

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ShellTac graphics for shell schemes look as professional as rigid, printed panels. They are, however, less expensive and, because ShellTac comes in one compact roll, you DON'T need a VAN. Clever, tiny adhesive dots make ShellTac easy to apply.  Air bubbles are simply smoothed away. ShellTac comes pre-cut to the exact size of your shell scheme panels. The uprights of your shell scheme remain visible. After the show panels peel off cleanly leaving no residue. This is a single use graphic solution.  ShellTac can also be used to cover doors, cupboards etc.  This means that it is often used in conjunction with our other products especially with Curvorama. Although ShellTac can be removed cleanly and without damage to itself, it is difficult to re-apply the backing paper.  This is why we say it is a single-use system.  However some of our ShellTac customers do not remove the backing paper and re-use ShellTac using double-sided tape to fix it in place.

Applying ShellTac and ShowFloor
Applying ShellTac and ShowFloor

Step by step setup guide

Step 1

Peel 50mm from the top of the panel and fold paper back straight-edged and flat

Step 1

Step 2

Stick top of ShellTac panel immediately below top rail of shell scheme

Step 2

Step 3

Make certain ShellTac panel edges line up with shell scheme's uprights

Step 3

Step 4

ShellTac can be repositioed as necessary to line up just so

Step 4

Step 5

Peel the backing paper down, smoothing out any air bubbles as you go

Step 5


Once again, we were very happy with the service and quality of product received from Fresco. The staff have been very helpful in ensuring that the artwork we provided met the criteria for the ShellTac panels and were happy to answer any queries we had. The end product looked excellent, and the printing quality resulted in a vibrant backdrop for our stand

Suzanne O'Neill Marketing Coordinator, The Bransford Webbs Plant Company ShellTac customer
Marketing Coordinator, The Bransford Webbs Plant Company

Hi Fresco, Everything went really well and the post-show period has been really busy for me. here is a pic of the stand - I was really pleased with how it looked and with the ease of set up, Many thanks again for your help and work on this.

Lara Roche Owner and Founder, The Talent Sphere ShellTac customer
Owner and Founder,  The Talent Sphere

We were very happy with the ShellTac panels and they looked excellent when used for the back of the stand. We were pleased with how easy they were to attach and no issues with removing them at the end of the show. I am sure we will be in touch again next year when we are looking at planning for next year's show.

Suzanne O'Neill Marketing Coordinator, Bransford Webb ShellTac customer
Marketing Coordinator, Bransford Webb
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