Frequently Asked Questions


If you don’t find your question please do get in touch.

What is your turnaround time?

Seven full working days (from artwork approval) is our standard turnaround time on most products that include print. ShowSuit and some other fabric products generally take ten full working days, but allow yourself a few days extra for goods being couriered.

If you do not have artwork and require design, please add at least 10 working days to these times to give yourself enough time to organise for your exhibition.

Can you do it quicker than that?

We can, but it often means juggling schedules and working over so we may make a 10% rush charge, speak to us as soon as you can and you can be scheduled in.

How do I send you artwork?

The Artwork Support page gives full details of how to prepare and package artwork but if you have any queries please contact us on 01422 246634. There is also an Upload page for sending big artwork files. Please send packaged artwork including all linked images and fonts (The “Package” action is found in the FILE menu in InDesign and Illustrator.) Please supply a PDF for reference.

Does Fresco produce artwork and design?

Yes we do. Artwork costs £25 an hour.

Will I need any tools?

We would recommend a small stepladder if fitting to a shell scheme as the stands are 2.5m tall, other than that the answer is no. The products are simple self assembly.

How long will it take to assemble / disassemble?

This varies but usually not more than half an hour.

How easy is assembly?

The products that Fresco sells are designed to be put up without any special skills or training, usually by one person. Many of our products have simple assembly instructions printed on them and many other have an assembly video on our site which can be viewed on a smartphone.