ShellTac FAQ’s

What is unique about ShellTac?

This is the most common of all ShellTac FAQs.  The adhesive is applied in tiny dots with air channels between them

What’s good about that?

It means that you can simply smooth out air bubbles as you go.  ShellTac also has vibrant print and good scuff resistance. And it will of course peel off cleanly leaving no residue.

What makes ShellTac a good buy?

Shell scheme panels are often covered with printed boards which looks good but needs a van or a truck to transport (and a very big cupboard to store) as they are 1m wide x 2.5m tall.  ShellTac looks just as good but is compact and easy to transport and store.  ShellTac costs less too.

Can I re-use ShellTac?

ShellTac panels come with a backing paper in place and this is removed as the ShellTac is applied to your shell scheme panels. You could theoretically save the backing paper and carefully re-apply it but in practice this would be very awkward.  What some of our customers do is not remove the backing paper for the first use(s) and apply ShellTac with double-sided tape.

Will I need to trim ShellTac panels?

No. Your ShellTac panels should fit exactly to your shell scheme panels as the are sent out pre-trimmed to the size of panel that is specified in your exhibitor manual.

How best to transport and store ShellTac?

ShellTac panels can be rolled up into a Zoom Tube – an adjustable graphics case. This is light, strong and easy to carry – even on a bike, no van needed!

How do I put it up?

Have a look at our instructional video here If that doesn’t answer your question just give us a call.

Does the cost of a ShellTac graphic panel include everything I need?

Yes it does

What turnaround times can I expect?

We like a minimum of 5 working days from receipt of print ready artwork, we do prefer longer time frames if possible just to allow for any eventuality but we can do it in 5. If it is the case that you need your Curvorama sooner, just give us a call and we will try to accommodate you where we can. We then send your order via overnight secure courier to be with you next day. We do however apply a 10% rush charge for this service.

Can I set it up on my own?

Yes. And no tools are needed.

Why didn’t somebody do his before?

The microdot adhesive technology only became available quite recently.

How do I design for ShellTac?

Just remember that the aluminium uprights of the shell scheme (usually 40mm wide) are still visible between the panels

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have questions

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