Banner stands

Fresco’s comprehensive range of banner stands has something for everyone

ROLLER banner stands – the World’s favourite portable display.

CASSETTE banner stands – versatile, quick-change graphics

TENSION stands – cost-effective and lightweight

OUTDOOR stands – robust and weather-resistant.

RIGID stands – solid, stable, cost-effective

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Banner Stand Displays

Roller banners, tension banners, cassette banners.. all Fresco’s banner stands are easy to carry and easy to put up.  Most come in a choice of widths and they all have different features.  All our units have the same quality of print in them – the best. All our units are good quality and should give years of use.  All can quite easily have new graphics fitted.

Roller banner stands

The Industry Standard. This is the most successful portable display category of all. Your image rolls itself back into a base unit for transport and storage.  Usually 800mm or a metre wide, there are options now up to 3m long!

Cassette banner stands

A special type of roller banner.  The print is housed in a removable cassette. This lets you swap your image at the drop of a hat by sliding a different cassette into the base unit.

Tension banner stands

These are hand-rolled, not self-rolling. There is a wide range – from simple, lightweight units like Vortex to fabric displays and modular curvy magnetic displays like Twist and Curvorama.

Outdoor banner stands

These are made to be able to cope with the Great British Climate. The most inventive range of all, this includes sprung fibreglass “pop-outs”, water-weighted bases and bungee-mounted banners.

Rigid banner stands

This is a simple one.  They don’t roll uo but they do the same job. Often used double-sided and as a semi-permanent display.

Quality you can trust

Established in 1993 Fresco sells good quality banner stands at the best possible prices. All our displays are backed up by helpful support where needed. All of our stands – roller banners, X banners, pop-up banners, wide roller banners and super-wide roller banners are printed and finished in the UK by Fresco. Our banner stands all come with a carry case. Our premium quality roller banner printing uses the latest print technologies. Fresco can meet the tightest deadlines on exhibition displays with our total in-house capability and wide experience. Fresco’s range of roller banner stands, rigid banner stands, cassette banner stands, tension banner stands and outdoor banner stands offers solutions for everyone.

Fresco is a leading UK supplier of all types of portable exhibition displays and designs and manufactures backdrop display stands such as Curvorama which can also be used as a standalone banner stand. We do not sell the very cheapest stands as we assume our customers don’t go to an exhibition in order to look second rate. Our display stands do not compromise on quality and nor does our display print. We do all our own colour profiling so you will look your very best.

Artwork support

Should you need design or artwork we are specialists at designing for our products.  We can quote for design and offer free advice on setting up your own artwork.

If you are happy to supply artwork for your display (templates are available on request) just drop your files into the Upload Area (top right on any page on our website) and we will check it free of charge and send you a PDF proof.

You can find more technical information on our Artwork Support page for setting up in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

As a greenercost-effective alternative Fresco offers a full re-graphic service.  We can fit a new print into almost any type of portable display.

Please contact the Fresco team if you have any questions or just need a bit of advice  01422 246634

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