ShowSuit FAQs

What is new and unique about ShowSuit?

ShowSuit is unlike any other display system that we know of. The hidden rails, the tensioning system, the corner and end extrusions, the magnet-and-hook-&-loop folding system, the removable / re-positionable clip-fix rails… all these are unique features.

How do I put it up?

ShowSuit Install Video from Fresco on Vimeo.


Does the £150.00 per panel cost of ShowSuit include print, rails and clips?

Yes it does

What turnaround times can I expect?

We like a minimum of 10 working days from receipt of print ready artwork. We do prefer longer time frames if possible, just to allow for any eventuality, but we can do it in 7. If it is the case that you need your ShowSuit sooner, just give us a call and we will accommodate you where we can.

How does ShowSuit come?

Usually in one over-the-shoulder bag complete with mounting instructions but we can also send it out in just a cardboard box if you prefer.

What is ShowSuit made of?

Knitted polyester fabric that is dye sublimation printed, with aluminium and plastic rails fitted with neodymium magnets and hook-&-loop attachments.

What’s good about that?

Dye-sub print is the most vibrant print you can buy, it’s fully washable and hard to damage.  Fabric is light and folds up much smaller than other display systems and the unique magnet-and-hook-&-loop-tape system makes ShowSuit very easy to fold and roll.

How tall is ShowSuit?

ShowSuit is tailored to the height of your shell scheme which is usually 2480mm.

How wide is ShowSuit?

ShowSuit can be virtually any length but for 1 person 10 metres is enough to handle and fits into the large ShowSuit bag.

How does the magnet-and-hook-&-loop folding system work?

Each ShowSuit rail has a small but very powerful neodymium magnet at each end which attracts the right magnet in the next rail.  Small low-profile hook-&-loop pads hold each rail in alignment when folded.  The ShowSuit print is thus neatly folded in a zig-zag way and rolled up.

How portable is ShowSuit?

Up to 10 running metres fits into a compact over-the-shoulder bag.  It can even fly hand luggage (dependant on airline specs).

Can I set it up on my own?

Yes, no tools or experience are needed.

Why didn’t somebody do this before?

It seems like ShowSuit is what shell schemes have been waiting for. Fabric print has got a lot more popular recently for “soft signage” etc.  Many hoardings and shop sign are in fact now made from fabric.  ShowSuit turns a standard shell scheme frame into a giant soft signage display.

Can I re-use ShowSuit?

Yes, many times.  The rails are clipped to the fabric print and can be easily removed and repositioned to suit a new shell scheme wall configuration of the same length.

Can I re-graphic ShowSuit?

The rails and clips can be re-used on a fresh fabric print, see Replacement graphic

Can I re-cycle ShowSuit?

Yes, since the fabric print is 100% polyester without anything sewn to it, once the rails are unclipped from it the print is perfect for recycling and the aluminium rails and nylon clips can be re-cycled or re-used with another print.

How do I design for ShowSuit?

Just go for it.  ShowSuit gives you a giant, seamless canvas with the best colour gamut you can get.  It does not get any better than that.  We will supply an artwork template for Adobe  InDesign or Illustrator so it really could not be simpler.

ShowSuit looks quite light.  Is it strong enough to last?

Yes.  The fabric print is fully washable and very tear-resistant. The aluminium rails and nylon clips are virtually unbreakable in normal use and the bags are heavy-duty nylon cloth.

Does ShowSuit fit any shell scheme?

There are still a few old school plywood shell schemes out there and some that are built direct to the ground.  The rare plywood shell schemes can be covered with our VBanner product.  Check details of your shell scheme in your information pack from the show organiser.

Did you really invent ShowSuit?

Yes we did! Fresco wanted to create a shell scheme liner that made the most of beautiful dye-sub print, was really compact and easy to carry and transformed the standard aluminium shell scheme.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have questions

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