ShowSuit FAQs

What is ShowSuit?

ShowSuit is a rolled and folded fabric display for attaching to aluminium shell schemes.  The dye-sublimated printed fabric has fitted aluminium rails that neatly snap together and unfold with the help of the handy magnetic hook-and-loop folding system. The display is fitted to the shell scheme booth frame with adjustable tensioning clips.

How do I put it up?

ShowSuit Install Video from Fresco on Vimeo.

What turnaround times can I expect?

We like a minimum of 10 working days from receipt of print ready artwork. We do prefer longer time frames if possible, just to allow for any eventuality. If it is the case that you need your ShowSuit sooner, just give us a call and we will try to accommodate you where we can.

How is ShowSuit supplied?

Rolled, ready for installation and packed in a ShowSuit carry bag, complete with mounting instructions, wall mounting clips and extrusion.

How tall is ShowSuit?

ShowSuit is tailored to the height of a standard shell scheme which is usually 2480mm.

How wide is ShowSuit?

Seven metres of ShowSuit is the maximum (in one piece) we recommend to be fitted by one person.  However we do supply in increments of one metre sections to enable wall configurations to be more versatile.

How does the magnet-and-hook-&-loop folding system work?

Each ShowSuit rail has a small but very powerful neodymium magnet at each end which attracts the right magnet in the next rail.  Small low-profile hook-&-loop pads hold each rail in alignment when folded.  The ShowSuit print is thus neatly folded in a zig-zag way and rolled up.

How portable is ShowSuit?

The large ShowSuit bag, that can hold up to 10 running metres is approx. 980mm x 260mm x 200mm and has a shoulder strap for easy transportation.

Can I set it up on my own?

Yes, no tools or experience are needed. We would recommend viewing our installation video and we would suggest that for ease of installation, runs longer than 3 metres are installed by 2 people.

Can I re-use ShowSuit?

Yes, many times.  The rails are clipped to the fabric print and can be easily removed and re-positioned to suit a new shell scheme wall configuration of the same length.

Can I re-graphic ShowSuit?

The rails and clips can be re-used on a fresh fabric print, see Replacement graphic

How do I design for ShowSuit?

We supply you with an easy to understand template file formatted for Adobe InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop. From then on simply upload artwork via our website where we will check your design and supply a digital proof for approval.

Does ShowSuit fit any shell scheme?

ShowSuit is made to fit the most commonly used aluminium Shell Schemes, please check details of your shell scheme in your information pack from the show organiser and we will be happy to confirm compatibility.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have questions

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