VBanner FAQ’s

What is it?

VBanner is a large black-back photo quality banner held up with hook-&-loop tape

Does VBanner work with all types of shell scheme?

Yes it does, even “old school” ones made with plywood and hook-&-loop-accepting cloth

What turnaround times can I expect?

We like a minimum of 5 working days from receipt of print ready artwork, we do prefer longer time frames if possible just to allow for any eventuality but we can do it in 5. If it is the case that you need your VBanner sooner, just give us a call and we will try to accommodate you where we can. We do however apply a 10% rush charge for this service.

How do I put it up?

Have a look at our instructional video here If that doesn’t answer your question just give us a call.

Vbanner video from Fresco on Vimeo.

How tall is VBanner?

Usually 1600mm as this fits more easily into people’s cars.  At an exhibition most people are standing up so the top half of your booth is far more seen that the bottom quarter which is also obscured by furniture etc. But, at extra cost we can, if you prefer, supply VBanner full height.

How does VBanner come?

On a cardboard roll

How portable is VBanner?

Less portable than our other shell scheme liners but still able to be carried by one person.

Can I put it up on my own?

You will find it much easier with two people

How wide will it go?

We could print you 50 metres on a roll if you wanted but in practice anything above 12 metres gets a bit hard to handle.

How do I design for VBanner?

Just go for it.  Remember that eye level is “visual pay dirt” and messages at the outer ends of the walls can stop people walking by.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have questions.  We will add them to VBanner FAQs

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