Curvorama shell scheme display

  • 2200mm tall, choose straight or flex panels at 600mm and 800mm
  • Lining a shell scheme? Choose “with shell scheme clips” below
  • Free-standing Curvorama? Choose “with legs” below
  • Use both ways? Choose “with legs AND clips” below
  • Shell scheme planner shows what panels you need
  • For cases, lights etc. please see Accessories tab
  • All panel prices INCLUDE print
  • See also Replacement Graphics
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Curvorama shell scheme liner

Curvorama shell scheme display system does it all.  It can be used both free-standing and wall-mounted to line a shell scheme.  No other display system can do this.

You can buy everything you need here. There are only 6 main components. If you have questions we are always pleased to advise and quote.

Curvorama shell scheme display panels are printed on a unique hang-flat media.  This greatly reduces curling and allows instant overlap joining.

Curvorama panels come in two widths – 600mm and 800mm.  They also come in two “flavours” – straight and flexible. Each panel comes rolled on a clever roller tube. This fits inside a cloth bag printed with instructions.

Lining a shell scheme?  To find out instantly what you will need so our Shell Scheme Planner

By adding them to your basket you can build your tailor-made system.  It can be a free-standing curvy backdrop.  Or it can be a shell scheme liner.  Or it can do both things as needed.

Add legs and feet sets for free-standing use.  Add wall-mounting clips for shell scheme lining.  Lights fit to the top of the legs. Water weighting bags add ballast to the feet.  Adaptor clips are useful in case shell schemes are built direct to the floor.  Which occasionally they are. Check your exhibitor pack or ask your exhibition organiser.

Remember Curvorama is 100% modular.  You can add to it later to cope with any venue. We even include a complimentary hex key with each set of Curvorama. This is just in case your shell scheme booth is poorly built and needs some adjustment. We also add a set of adaptor clips for each panel. This is just in case your stand is built straight onto the floor. Rare, but worth guarding against.

Artwork and design

Fresco’s extremely experienced studio team adapts to your requirements. If you have artwork just drop it into the Upload area on our website. We will check it free of charge to make sure that it will print right.  Then we will send you a pdf proof. We also supply artwork templates and give advice free of charge. This helps us as well as helping you. If you have resources – logos, images etc – we will artwork them up for you. And send you pdfs until you are happy. This way you can re-use existing artwork. If you need design from the ground up we are World experts at designing for our products. Whichever way suits you, we can save you money and we are of course happy to quote.

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Additional information

Curvorama spec

Curvorama panels are 600mm wide or 800mm wide

All Curvorama panels are 2200mm tall

Panels can be either straight or flexible

Flexible panels can be set straight or curved in either direction

All Curvorama panels are supplied on a roller tube and inside a protective fabric bag which is printed with simple instructions

Legs and feet fit inside the roller tube

Wall mounting clips come in a fabric bag which is printed with simple instructions.


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