Curvorama 600mm case

  • Telescopic handle
  • Strong wheels
  • Shoulder straps
  • Label window
  • Heavy-duty fabric and zips
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Curvorama 600mm case is a robust, padded, wheeled case.  Holds up to 5 Curvorama panels with legs and feet and/wall mounting clips.  This case can also accommodate a set of Curvorama lights.  Made from super heavy-duty fabric.  Strong steel-bracketed wheels.

The 600mm wheeled case also has a telescopic handle for convenience.  Designed to fly as hand luggage on some airlines (please check your airlines restrictions).  The case is padded throughout.  It has a top handle as well as shoulder straps so that it can worn like a rucksack.  It can also be carried like a sports bag.

The 600mm case has a label window to display the graphic it contains or owner information.


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