Curvorama wall mounting clips

  • 2 top and 2 bottom clips
  • Very robust and simple to use
  • Fits almost all common shell schemes
  • Simply hooks onto top and bottom rails.
    • 0 £
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Use a set of Curvorama wall mounting clips to mount a Curvorama panel onto a shell scheme.  A set of wall-mounting clips is 2 top clips and 2 bottom clips. Top clips hook over the top rail of your shell scheme. Bottom clips hook under the bottom rail of your shell scheme.

Bottom clips have a tensioning strap. Before they are tensioned up clips can slide along the rails to line up panels. Wall-mounting clips snap-fit securely to the top and bottom rails of Curvorama panels.

Made from nylon with polypropylene webbing Curvorama wall-mounting clips are very tough but unobtrusive.

Wall-mounting clips are compatible with almost all common shell schemes.  Occasionally shell schemes are built directly onto the floor.  For these you will need a set of Adaptor clips (£0.99) for each Curvorama panel.

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