Curvorama Aero kit

  • 3 flexible 600mm panels and 2 straight 600mm panels
  • Can be configured in any order
  • Each panel has rollertube, packing bag, legs and feet
  • Wheeled padded case
  • 2.2m tall, 3.0m wide – as big as a pop-up
  • About half the weight and 6 times smaller when packed
  • Regraphic service for existing panels

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This Curvorama Aero kit gives you Maximum Bangs for your Bucks!
Overall size: 3000mm (w) x 2200mm (h)
Three flexible 600mm graphic panels and two straight 600mm graphic panels in a padded, wheeled case.

Each graphic panel comes with a roller tube, legs and feet and a cloth packing bag which is printed with full packing and assembly instructions. The panels can be configured in any order.

Curvorama’s unique, patented, continuous graphics are printed on special hang-flat media. The top and bottom rails self-locate magnetically so that the graphics automatically align themselves.

Weighing only 17Kg, the Aero kit is about half the weight of a pop-up and about six times smaller when packed. So small that it can travel easily with you by plane or train. Height 72cm, width 30cm, depth 26cm.

The wheeled case can also be worn like a rucksack or carried like a sports bag. And where you might only fit one pop-up in your car you could get at least 10 Aero kits in, should you ever need to do so.  Better yet, you could join them all together seamlessly if you wanted to, and make one giant backdrop 30 metres long!

A Curvorama Aero kit is the perfect travelling companion, as big as a pop-up but, when packed, so much smaller and lighter.

Please note, all Curvorama kits can be added to with any combination of Curvorama panels – 600mm, 800mm, straight or flexible. The Aero kit does not come with lights but these too can be added and fit to the top of the legs.

You can also use the graphic panels from the Aero kit to line a shell scheme by adding 5 sets of wall-mounting clips

3m (w) x 2.2m (h), 5 panels, padded wheeled case, free-stands. SAVE £50.00

(Discount applies to kits only. Not available to supplement a larger order)


Artwork support

Should you need design or artwork we are specialists at designing for our products.  We can quote for design and offer free advice on setting up your own artwork.

If you are happy to supply artwork for your display (templates are available on request) just drop your files into the Upload Area (top right on any page on our website) and we will check it free of charge and send you a PDF proof.

You can find more technical information on our Artwork Support page for setting up in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

As a greenercost-effective alternative Fresco offers a full re-graphic service.  We can fit a new print into almost any type of portable display.

Please contact the Fresco team if you have any questions or just need a bit of advice  01422 246634

Additional information

Curvorama Aero kit

Overall size: 3000mm (w) x 2200mm (h), Weight when packed in wheeled case 18Kg, Case dimensions: height 72cm, width 30cm, depth 26cm.


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