Curvorama legs and feet

  • Set of 2 legs and 2 feet free-stands 1 panel
  • GRP and nylon construction very tough
  • Unseen from the front
  • Feet protrude 50cm behind panel
  • Counterweight and camming device
  • Clip to top and bottom rails

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Use Curvorama legs and feet to set up your Curvorama anywhere.  No need for a shell scheme to hang it on.  Legs and feet and flexible panels mean that Curvorama can cope with any venue.

Legs and feet clip securely to the top and bottom rails of Curvorama panels

The feet stick out 50cm behind the panels but do not show from the front at all.  Made from GRP and nylon legs and feet are very tough but also light.  A chromed weight on each foot adds ballast.

Each foot has a camming device to cope with uneven floors.  Each Curvorama panel needs a set of two legs and two feet.

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