Curvorama FAQs

Does the cost of the graphic panel include print?

Yes it does

What turnaround times can I expect?

We like a minimum of 5 working days from receipt of print ready artwork, we do prefer longer time frames if possible just to allow for any eventuality but we can do it in 5. If it is the case that you need your Curvorama sooner, just give us a call and we will try to accommodate you where we can. We then send your order via overnight secure courier to be with you next day.  We do however apply a 10% rush charge for this service.

How do Curvorama panels join? 

The top and bottom rails of each graphic panel join with magnetic locator pegs which automatically align the graphics. Using a special hang flat media, a margin of print is then allowed in the design of each graphic panel that matches the next panel. This is so that once the panels are joined the print slightly overlaps to give you a continuous image.

What’s good about that? 

It’s quicker and easier and lighter than using magnetic tape and “mag bars” (like the other systems with continuous graphics) and much more compact when rolled.

How tall is Curvorama?

All free-standing Curvorama panels are 2.2m tall.  Wall-mounted panels are normally also 2.2m tall so that they can be used free-standing but wall-mounted panels can be taller to accommodate shell-scheme heights.

Curvorama is taller than I am. How will I join the top rails? 

Using the “legs” as handles, line up the locator pegs and let the magnets do the rest.

How do the “pose-able” panels work? 

Curvorama’s unique flexible panels have springs that are counter-balanced by loops of bungee.  Set them flat or concave or convex.

How portable is Curvorama? 

More portable than any other display with continuous graphics.  Half the weight of a pop-up and six times smaller when packed. It can even fly hand luggage (dependant on airline specs).

What is new and unique about Curvorama? 

Curvorama is a patented product both in the UK and the US. It’s unique talents include being able to curve graphic panels convex or concave, its overlapping joining and its wall-mounting abilities. Curvorama’s ability to both line shell schemes and to free-stand is something that is simply not available anywhere else in the market.

How is Curvorama packed up?

Each graphic panel comes in an individual packing bag with carry handle.

1. Roll the Graphic around the Roller Tube, image outwards
2 Put the Graphic and the Roller Tube into the Packing Bag
3.  If you have Legs and Feet for your Curvorama put them inside the Roller Tube
Or, if you have Wall-Mounting Clips put them into their Packing Bag
4.  Put the Bags into your Holdall or Wheeled Case.
No need to remember these instructions – they are printed on the Packing Bags.

Can I set it up on my own? 

Yes.  And no tools are needed.

How wide and curvy can I go?

Curvorama can be as wide as you like. Its magnetic pegs allow you to join as many panels together as you want. You can also have as many flexible panels as you want allowing you to make your display as curvy as you like. Curves also give you added stability to any multiple Curvorama stand.

Why didn’t somebody do his before? 

For Curvorama’s panels to overlap the material it is printed on needs to remain flat. The invention of non-curling print media made the Curvorama concept possible.

What if I need a different graphic?

You can just buy more and swap them with, or add them to, your existing graphic panels. No need to buy new legs and feet or wall-mounting clips if you are just swapping as these can just be attached to the new graphic.

Should I buy different graphics to line a shell scheme? 

No.  The same set of Curvorama graphics can be used, you just attach wall-mounting clips to them instead of legs and feet.

I see you do Curvorama kits.  What if there isn’t a kit that suits me? 

No problem.  Curvorama is 100% modular so you can pick and choose what you need, to make up your perfect kit.

How do I design for Curvorama? 

This is one of the most common Curvorama FAQs.  Take a look at the instructions on our Artwork Templates

Can I add lights or clips or graphics or legs and feet later? 

No problem.

Will all graphic panels mix and match? 


Curvorama looks quite light.  Is it strong enough to last?

Engineering plastics and over-spec aluminium sections make Curvorama tough and dependable.

I want to line a shell scheme.  What will I need? 

See our helpful Shell Scheme Planner

I just want to use 1 of my free standing panels for a meeting but it’s quite light on its own and seems as if it may fall down. What can I do? 

We tried to make Curvorama as lights as possible to make it easy to transport and put up, the stand does gain stability when you begin to add panels together and especially if you add curves into them. So for those occasions when you want to just use individual panels we supply waterbags that can be placed over the legs and feet for extra stability. Alternatively anything with a bit of weight in it will do the same job.

Can we have our company brand on our wheeled cases?

The 800mm wheeled cases can be converted into counters with a full graphic wrap to match your Curvorama.

Did you really invent Curvorama? 

Yes we did! We wanted to create a display system that met all the needs of our customers. Something that is adaptable to any venue, easy to use, easy to transport and affordable but still has maximum impact.

How do I put it up?

Have a look at our instructional video here If that doesn’t answer your Curvorama FAQs just give us a call.

Curvorama – The Revolutionary Portable Display (Official video) from Fresco on Vimeo.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you still have a Curvorama question.

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