Multi-height nest plinths

  • 3 nested multi-height plinths
  • Freestyle units – Nyloop-covered mdf tambour (graphic wraps extra) OR
  • Graphic units –  graphic wrap and no tambour (lighter, less load-bearing)
  • Flat packed, easy to transport and quick to assemble:
  • Tops – Birch, Black, Silver or White
  • Freestyle units – choice of cloth colour (see swatch).
  • Beech or Aluminium finish tambour at additional cost.
  • 3 diameters: 400mm, 600mm, 750mm
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Display plinths – multi-height nest

Multi-height circular display plinths are flat-pack portable furniture – ideal for product display.

Freestyle units with tambours

“Freestyle” type units are available in a range of fabric-covered tambour wraps (see swatch).  What is a tambour?  Think roll-top desk.  Beech or Aluminium finish tambour wraps are also available at additional cost.

Alternatively a full colour graphic can be attached over the top of your fabric-covered tambours.  Freestyle units are heavier but are load-bearing up to 75Kg.

Graphic units without tambours

“Graphic” type units have a Twist & Lock pole structure.  This holds the tops and bottoms of the plinths apart without the need for tambour wraps.  Graphic wraps are then fitted between the tops and bottoms. Without a tambour the unit is lighter and more portable but less load-bearing.

Both types of unit pack into an over-the-shoulder carry bag.

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Additional information

Multi-height plinth

400 Ø
Dimensions (mm): 1200/800/400 (h) x 400 Ø
Weight: 15kg

600 Ø
Dimensions (en mm): 1000/800/600 (h) x 600 Ø
Weight: 29kg

750 Ø
Dimensions (en mm): 1000/800/600 (h) x 750 Ø
Weight: 36kg

Physique Graphic units incorporate a unique Twist & Lock pole system to create an internal structure that strengthens the unit without the need for a tambour wrap. This allows graphic wraps to be applied directly, creating a cleaner more professional finish. As there is no need for tambour, the unit is also lighter and more portable.

Graphic units are supplied with PVC graphic strengthening strips.

Hook & Loop fastener required to attach the graphic to the unit.

Physique Freestyle units are constructed from composite materials and flexible MDF tambour; giving them strength and durability, so they can be re-used many times. Tambour wraps are finished in a choice of coloured fabric colouring; alternatively Beech and Aluminium tambour wraps available at additional cost. Physique

Recommended Carry bags 750dia: AB198 and AB197, 600dia: AB109 and AB115, 400dia: AB199 and AB174
Recommended Carry cases 750dia: AC454 and AC455, 600dia: AC308 and AC342, 400dia: AC453 and AC452

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