Multi-height nest plinths

  • Choice of diameters: 400mm, 600mm additionally 750mm for the FreeStyle unit only
  • FreeStyle units – Fabric tambours (graphic wrap optional extra)
  • GraphicStyle units –  Custom printed Graphic wraps included – no tambour (lighter, less load-bearing)
  • Choose either FreeStyle or GraphicStyle
  • Select your plinth top colour
  • Choose your tambour wrap colour – FreeStyle only
  • If you would like optional graphics for your FreeStyle unit add them with the last picker
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Display plinths – multi-height nest

Multi-height circular set of three display plinths that are flat-packed for ease of transport – ideal for product display.

FreeStyle units ‘with tambours’

‘FreeStyle’ plinth units are available in a range of fabric-covered tambour wraps (see swatch). Additionally a full colour graphic can be attached over the top of your fabric-covered tambours.  Freestyle units are load-bearing up to 75Kg.

GraphicStyle units ‘without tambours’

‘GraphicStyle’ plinth units have a Twist & Lock pole structure instead of the roll round tambour.  The poles hold the top and bottom of the plinths apart without the need for tambour wraps.  Graphic wraps are then fitted between the tops and bottoms. Without a tambour the unit is lighter and more portable but less load-bearing.

Both types of unit pack into over-the-shoulder carry bags, available separately – P.O.A

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Additional information

Multi-height plinth

400 Ø
Dimensions (mm): 1200/800/400 (h) x 400 Ø
Weight: 15kg

600 Ø
Dimensions (mm): 1000/800/600 (h) x 600 Ø
Weight: 29kg

750 Ø
Dimensions (mm): 1000/800/600 (h) x 750 Ø
Weight: 36kg

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