Replacement graphic panels for pop-ups

  • Printed on Premium roll-up material, laminated with a smooth matt laminate protective film
  • Price includes magnetic tape, hanger, footer etc.
  • See Description for how many panels you will need
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Replacement graphics for pop-ups

Replacement graphics for pop-ups, or re-graphics as they are sometimes called, will save you needing to buy new display hardware. Pop-up frames usually outlast the graphic panels that are mounted on them.  Either your message changes or perhaps your graphics get damaged.  No problem. We produce high quality replacement graphics  for pop-ups of almost every type made.

How does it work?

Ideally we like to get the frame back so that we can make sure everything lines up perfectly.  Pop-up frames can get slightly bent in use but a bit of expert TLC sorts that out.  The price quoted covers this and all the magnetic tape, hangers and footers etc. If you are not sure what type of pop-up you have, please send us a some pictures (ideally of the rear of the panels hangers, and the modules on the frame that these attach to). Once we have identified what type of frame you have we can send you an artwork template.  If you prefer, we can produce design and artwork for you. From the new artwork we then print on the best quality polyester and laminate with a smooth protective laminate film.

How many graphic panels will I need?

The picture above with the middle panel to be fitted revealing the frame is a called a 3×3 unit.  This needs five graphic panels.  Three middle panels and two End Panels usually referred to as ‘D’ panels.  If your frame had four sections of frame as in the 2nd thumbnail image, it would require 6 panels, the image depicts what is commonly known as a 3×4 frame.

What other portable displays can you replace graphics on?

As you will see, we sell a very wide range of portable displays including outdoor displays, fabric displays, banner stands, shell scheme liners, backdrops and so on. We can put new graphics on any of the displays we sell and on many other versions too.  In fact we can re-graphic almost any type of portable display that is currently on the market and some that no longer are.

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ARTWORK. Fresco’s extremely experienced studio team adapts to your requirements. If you have artwork for your display just drop it into the Upload area on our website and we will check it free of charge to make sure that it will print right and send you a pdf proof. We also supply artwork templates and give advice free of charge.

Or. if you have brand resources – logos, images etc – we will artwork them up for you, sending you pdfs until you are happy. This way you can re-use existing artwork.

If you need design from the ground up we are experts at designing for our products. Whichever way suits you, we can save you money and we are of course happy to quote.



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