ShowSuit bags

  • Choice of 2 sizes
  • Small bag holds up to 5m of ShowSuit
  • Bigger bag holds up to 10m of ShowSuit
  • Heavy-duty black cloth with waterproof backing
  • Clear zipped pocket for image and instructions
  • Side pocket for clips
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
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ShowSuit bags come in two sizes.  Small holds up to 5 metres of ShowSuit.  Bigger bag holds up to 10 metres.  Both have a zipped side pocket.  This is large enough to hold all associated clips etc.

There is also a zipped “window pocket” to hold an image of the ShowSuit that is inside the bag and simple, clear installation instructions.

The shoulder strap is strong and comfortable and the zipped lid lets you slide your ShowSuit in to pack along with flexible extrusions.

ShowSuit bags are made of a very heavy-duty black cloth with a waterproof lining.  These tough, tailor-made bags allow you to easily carry everything you need to line your shell scheme in one small, over the shoulder bag.

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