Formulate Snake fabric display

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Packs flat for easy transportation, carry bag included
  • Quick and simple to assemble
  • Formulate 30mm aluminium frame push fits together
  • Seamless one piece washable fabric panel
  • Includes double-sided graphic
  • Accessories including lights available to enhance your display
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Snake fabric display stand

Snake fabric display is a visually arresting large banner stand. Stretch the fabric sock over the tubular frame. With vibrant fabric print the Snake is bound to draw attention.

Ideal for retail or for exhibitions. Snake is beautifully curvy.  It is a seductive alternative to a straight up and down banner stand. The gentle oscillation imitates the curves found on the Formulate Serpentine and Curve. This makes them ideal counterparts to the Formulate Snake. Lightweight and portable, the Snake is easy to assemble and disassemble.  It comes complete with it’s own fabric carry bag.

The Formulate range of displays share a common construction.  30mm aluminium tubing push-fits to form a light but strong frame.  Each piece of the tube frame is labelled at both ends to enable you to just match the labels and connect the tubes.  The pieces simply push click into place. When finished 16mm bungee poles are added and these act as spacers. Formulate frames weigh only a few kilograms when assembled, they are however strong and rigid.

Once the curvy frame is complete, the “graphic sock” is stretched over it.  A strong zip at the bottom edge completes the “dressing”.  Formulate is a range of really eye-catching displays. They are available in many configurations.

Artwork support

Should you need design or artwork we are specialists at designing for our products.  We can quote for design and offer free advice on setting up your own artwork.

If you are happy to supply artwork for your display (templates are available on request) just drop your files into the Upload Area (top right on any page on our website) and we will check it free of charge and send you a PDF proof.

You can find more technical information on our Artwork Support page for setting up in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

As a greenercost-effective alternative Fresco offers a full re-graphic service.  We can fit a new print into almost any type of portable display.

Please contact the Fresco team if you have any questions or just need a bit of advice  01422 246634

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Additional information


Assembled Size approx. (mm)

Formulate Snake: 2380 (h) x 900 (w) x 700 (d)



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