Universal light fitting kit

  • Fitting kit for PowerSpot 1000 and other floods
  • Universal clamp fitting
  • Use for Pop-ups and fabric displays
  • Use for Arena4 gantry and modular panel displays
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Universal light fitting kit for fabric displays, pop-ups, panel systems, shell schemes and gantry

The Universal light fitting kit includes all the necessary parts to fit halogen floodlights to Formulate fabric displays. It also fits to all types of pop-ups including Embrace SEG fabric pop-ups.  If you are using modular panel systems you can fit lights to them with this kit. The Universal fitting kit also works with Arena4 gantry.

Use for shell schemes too

If you have a shell scheme stand you can fit floodlights to the top rail with this kit.  Be aware though that they will intrude slightly onto a neighbour stand.

What lights can I use?

Ideal for use with PowerSpot 1000 and many other types of floodlights.


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