Modulate™ LED Strip Light

  • 1200 Lumen
  • Linkable (maximum of 5 lights)
  • Up to four times more efficient than Halogen
  • Up to 22,000 hour usage
  • Bespoke design specifically for display and exhibition environments
  • Safety and CE approved
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Modulate™ LED Strip Light

LED lights use less energy, run cooler and last longer; reducing your electrical power requirements at exhibitions and shows.

The LED Strip Light design doesn’t finish there, not only does the LED Strip Light use the latest in LED technology but they are also linkable from a single transformer. There is no need for extra transformers just link them together with handy linking cables. (x1 linking cable supplied with most kits, extra can be purchased separately). If you want to run more than two lights in series then you can purchase additional lights and connector cables which will be supplied without a transfomer.

Don’t let the compact design fool you, this small LED light is still capable of producing 1200 lumen but still only consuming a small amount of energy, making it far more efficient than the halogen equivalents.

The LED Strip Light is the new stylish and economical way to illuminate a range of exhibition stands including Pop-ups, Formulate and a range of modular systems.

For each light purchased you will also receive the Universal Light Fitting Kit. This kit enables you to fit the flood light to your Modulate™ stand.


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