Powerspot 1200

  • 20watt triphosphor fluorescent light; ideal for illuminating pop-up D-ends
  • Simply clip on to attach
  • Ultraslim design
  • 2m mains lead with UK or Euro plug
  • Up to 6 lights may be linked together using optional connecting lead US601B
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Powerspot 1200 is a 20watt fluorescent light.  It is suitable for illuminating pop-up end panels. It can also be used for back-lighting translucent balloon panels.

These lights can also be used to backlight pop-up towers.  Give your pop-up real stand-out visual impact.  To be used with light box panels.  Not with standard pop-up media.  Backlighting your images can give a glossy, high quality feel to a display.  Especially in low light situations.

Simply clip the lights onto the pop-up frame to attach them.  Each light has its own switch.  Mains power.  Low power consumption.

These simple but effective small fluorescent lamps are part of a unique range of pop-up accessories.

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