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ShowSuit skirting boards

  • Lightweight but tough foamed, skinned plastic
  • Attached magnetically to ShowSuit bottom rails
  • 5 skirting boards fit into 1 Showsuit bag
  • Hides tensioning clips  and cabling for lights etc.
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ShowSuit skirting boards

ShowSuit skirting boards add the finishing touch to your exhibition booth.  The folding rails of ShowSuit have powerful little neodymium magnets built into them. These help with packing the ShowSuit – aligning as you fold.  But they also work with the skirting boards to hold them in place.

Made from tough but light plastic, the skirting boards come in smart gloss white but can also carry full colour graphics (at extra cost). Skirting boards not only hide the lower clips and give your stand a permanent “built” feel, they are also very useful if you need to run cabling – to lights mounted on your shell scheme (or for any other reason).

Skirting boards are simple to install and each one comes with a simple diagram on the reverse of how the corners fit together.

Five ShowSuit skirting boards fit into a ShowSuit bag.

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