4 seconds is the approximate time it takes someone to walk past a 3m x 3m exhibition booth. This means as an exhibitor you have very little time to capture potential customer’s attention. Here are a few tips on how to attract people to your stand:

High impact graphics. Effective graphics can create instant interest, try and portray your message in an image or short slogan, focusing on the customers’ needs and how you can help them.

Use colour, light and movement such as presentations, videos and demo’s to attract the eye and create interactivity within your stand to retain customers once they have stopped.

Keep your stand as uncluttered as possible, if you have multiple products, select a few pertinent items to display prominently to attract them. Having lots of things to look at with not focal point just gives customer too much to look at and process in the 4 seconds, when you ideally want them to be able to focus on something to keep their attention.

Exhibitions are an ideal opportunity for your customers to experience a product or service in a way they can’t do on the web or through hard copy literature, so find ways maximise on this interactive opportunity.

Pick branded giveaways that have value to the customer and will be something that they will need, keep and use and display or promote this clearly and prominently to get them onto your stand to take one. Making it useful ensures they keep it and in turn keeps your brand in the forefront of their minds.

Don’t have too many staff in a small space; it makes your stand look overcrowded and intimidating.

If you have a specific audience one idea is to openly advertise that i.e. ‘traders wanted’ this catches the right customers attentions and avoids timewaster.