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Outdoor displays

Outdoor display banners

Weather permitting, for some of us at least, a variety of outdoor publicity opportunities beckons. At an outdoor event, a great way to get noticed is with one Fresco’s comprehensive range of attention-grabbing outdoor displays. Types of outdoor displays A-board banner stands, weather-proof roller banners, tension banners, sprung banners, pop-out tunnel banners, pavement signs, cafe banners, […]


Roller banners explained

roller banners. Compact portable displays

Roller banners – everyone’s favourite portable display Roller banners are seen everywhere and provide companies with a very portable and effective method of getting their branding and message out there to passing trade. With a fresh, strong image, you can reach out quickly and professionally.  But, because roller banners are so familiar it is important […]


Getting the attention you deserve.. at an exhibition

Exhibition advice-how to be noticed and remembered

Exhibition advice. How to be certain of getting noticed. Fresco gives exhibition advice on a daily basis. With over 25 years in the business we should know a thing or two. There are some basic necessities and one of them is obviously that you have to be seen, you have to get noticed.  You can’t […]


The new generation of printed fabric exhibition stands.

Fabric exhibition stands

Fabric displays – some clear advantages Fabric displays are a great way to stand out from the crowd at an exhibition. Traditional banner stands will no doubt always have their place and Fresco will continue to offer a wide range of them but they do suffer from a couple of obvious drawbacks. Firstly they are a […]


All about Shell Scheme stands

Shell scheme displays

What are they? All over the World, though rather less so in North America than in the UK, Europe and the East, exhibitions offer modular exhibition booths, usually in a choice of sizes. These are referred to as Shell Scheme in the industry. Shell Scheme Stands are usually built on a one metre grid and […]



Flags are a great promotional tool and really helps you to get your message noticed, so it is important to keep them looking good for as long as possible. Here’s our flag maintenance guide to show you how to do this: Storage: Never store your flag when wet. Always hang it up and allow it […]