Flags are a great promotional tool and really helps you to get your message noticed, so it is important to keep them looking good for as long as possible. Here’s our flag maintenance guide to show you how to do this:


Never store your flag when wet. Always hang it up and allow it to dry before storing it.


Heavy rain and high winds are the worst combination. Rain increases the weight of the flag so in windy conditions this will add increased exertion on your flag pole. Never fly a flag when the wind is force 8 or greater.
Pollution and ultra violet: Pollution can cause the white areas of your flag to become very grey and UV overtime can cause deterioration and in time fading of some colours.

Washing and repair:

Flags can be washed in a regular household washing machine on a 40 degree wash using normal detergents, If the end of the flag trim is frayed, reinforce and re-hem to extend you flags life.
Damage: Damage is often caused by objects that the flag beats against whilst flying, especially if position against a wall or similar. Ensure your flag cannot catch or snag on any nearby objects or its pole to prevent this type of damage. If you have more than one flag, do not site the poles too close together.

Life expectancy of your flag:

Life expectancy is really dependant on climatic conditions, hours of flying, where it is sited and how you look after it. Realistic maximum life span of a flag in regular use is 6 months.
Using the above methods will help keep your flag in good condition for longer. One other option is to buy more than one flag at a time and one to fly and one to replace this one with when the first flag is being washed or maintained.

New flags:

When a flag comes to the end of it life either due to wear and tear or more usualy a change of subject matter. the flag pole can be reused and that flag element changes. Please contact fresco us to discus replacing your flag 01422 886883

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