How to choose your flag base

A flag base offers a solution for many applications. These bases range from the small cross base to the large concrete base. Choosing the right flag base for you is not too complicated. However it is worth giving some thought to what will work best. Some, like the drive-on foot have a very specific function. Others – like the large cross base or the square bases are more general purpose.

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Weighted flag base

The large and small square bases are fairly heavy and are a good choice for flags that will not be subject to much wind.  Flags are quite often used at exhibition stands these days and a square base will have less chance of tripping anyone.

The large concrete base will withstand more wind and will work better for larger flags. The concrete base insert adapts this base for the Eco and Shimmer flags.  Because the Fresco range of flags is wide and varied please check with us for compatibility.

The large and small water-fillable moulded bases give your flag plenty of weight but are easily carried.  The water-fillable weighting ring can be placed over a cross base to weight it down.

Non-weighted flag base

The two cross bases are light and effective and very popular. Weight them with the water-fillable ring. The ground spike and the plastic screw allow you to fix your flag straight into the ground.

The drive-on foot is made for car-sales forecourts.  Just park a wheel on it and use flags to give extra colour and movement to your lot.

The wall-mount bracket lets you attach your flag to a wall for height and added impact

Last but not least, the PoleFlag clamp is a great option for a shell scheme.  As the name implies, it lets you clamp a flag to the top of a shell scheme upright giving height to your booth to signpost it to all your prospective customers.  Not having to stand your flag on the floor means it cannot be a trip hazard and gives you far more bangs for your bucks.

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