3m x 2m – 2 walls. 5 options

  • SHOWSUIT – Seamless fabric print, packs into a shoulder bag, magnetic skirting boards
  • CURVORAMA– Continuous graphics, curves, can also be used free-standing with legs and feet.
  • SHELLTAC – Looks like printed boards but much easier to transport. Single use, uprights visible.
  • SHELLGRAPHIC BEST SELLER – Premium roll-up 450gsm smooth material, easy fit with hook and loop strips.
  • VBANNER – Giant banner, also works with old-style wooden shell schemes.
  • The BLUE INFO BUTTON gives you a list of what you get.
    • 525 £
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Fabric magic


What’s so magic about tensioned fabric print? First it’s big – one giant, seamless print covers your entire shell scheme.  Second it’s beautiful – vibrant colours and pin-sharp detail. Third it’s tough  – polyester knit that’s 100% washable. Fourth it’s very compact – it all packs into a bag (print, rails, clips etc) that you can sling over your shoulder.

ShowSuit has magnetic rails and optional skirting boards (great for cable management) and is the green choice too – it can be 100% recycled. To find out more about this unique, easy, fantastic system follow the link below for videos, reviews and the full story.

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The only display system that does it all?  Yes. Only Curvorama can stand on the floor like a graphic backdrop wall or a pop-up AND also line your shell scheme with continuous graphics.  Better still, it packs up much smaller than a pop-up.

The ability to swap or add panels and to make instant curves and joins means Curvorama can cope with any venue and can be re-jigged to suit your next show. It can be made as long and as curvy as you like.

No other portable display system is quite like Curvorama and, if you want the full story, including videos and reviews, follow the link below.

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Easy-on, single-use


Tiny dots of adhesive?? What’s so good about that? No air bubbles! They just smooth out between the dots. This makes ShellTac easy to apply onto your shell scheme panels (between the uprights) and it peels off leaving no residue. ShellTac comes pre-cut to size for a professional result that looks just like printed panels but is SO much easier to transport. You won’t need a van, in fact a bike would do.

Beautiful ShellTac can also be used to apply graphics to furniture, doors etc. To see a video, get the full story or read some reviews, follow the link below.

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Best Seller


ShellGraphic exhibition panels are ideal for shell scheme booths. They are printed on special premium grey-back 450gsm material that does not curl at the edges. ShellGraphic gives you made-to-measure graphics on a budget. Line your exhibition booth and re-use these panels as many times as you like. Apply ShellGraphic with hook and loop strips (supplied). The panels won’t rip or wrinkle and have good scratch and scuff resistance thanks to UV printing.

The panels are custom made for use in-between shell scheme panel posts or they can also be supplied to fit seamlessly on flat walls.

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Universal, seamless

From £225.00

This one is the universal display that even works with old-style wooden shell scheme booths, giving seamless, re-usable graphics. Large format print and hook-and-loop tape combine to offer a professional solution on a tight budget. Just peel and stick your hook and loop tabs then use them to re-tension as necessary. It could not be simpler. Supplied on a roll, there are two options; 2.4m high (100% seamless coverage but larger to carry) or the more compact 1.6m high (covers top 70% of the stand, ideal if product and tables cover the bottom of your stand).

To see VBanner being put up, read user reviews and generally get all the low-down follow the link below.

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Additional information

Shell schemes

ARTWORK TEMPLATES are available for all products. Please e-mail dom@fresco.co.uk with your stand size, your chosen system – ShowSuit, Curvorama, ShellTac or VBanner – and whether you want an InDesign or an Illustrator template and we will send you the right one.

The BLUE QUESTION MARK on the drop-down above has a full list of components for each system.

ShowSuit, Curvorama and ShellTac are designed to be put up by one person. VBanner is much easier with two people. All systems are tool-free assembly.

ShowSuit, Curvorama and VBanner are re-usable. ShellTac can be put up with double-sided tape to be re-usable.


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