Curvorama light set

  • Two x 150watt halogen floodlights
  • Packed in a hard foam tray
  • Cloth carry bag printed with instructions
  • Fit to top of Curvorama legs
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The Curvorama light set includes 2 x 150w halogen floodlights.  These are securely housed in a dense foam tray.  This in turn is inside a fabric bag which is printed with instructions.  This gives better (and lighter) protection than a flight case.  Small flight cases are quite easily damaged and can damage components that they are packed alongside.

The two lights are individually switched.  UK and European power cables for the lights are also provided in their own fabric bag.  This makes it easier to pack them after use.  No need to coil just put them into the bag.

Each light has a special adaptor that fits to the top of a Curvorama leg.

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